To Join:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “BYU Student Academic Clubs M-P”
  3. Click on “Pre-Medical Club Dues” at the bottom of the page
  4. Complete the form and pay the dues ($20)
  5. Welcome to the club!


Colin Smith

Membership Officer

Colin Smith will graduate with a Chemical Engineering degree in April, 2023. He aims for medical school post-graduation and currently works in a catalysis lab on campus, interprets for Spanish-speaking patients, and plays intramural soccer. When he’s not studying, he enjoys skiing (water and snow), singing in BYU choirs, and reading fantasy!

Lucas Wang

Membership Officer

I’m a Chinese-American from Omaha, Nebraska. I served a mission in Montreal, Canada – speaking both French and Mandarin Chinese. My experiences growing up where I did and later on my mission have only served to cement what I had already decided when I was little, to become a medical doctor. I’ve always found the human body, both its function and dysfunction, fascinating and have always wanted it to be the main subject of my studies.
Throughout my premed parkours, I have found that it really has been the people that have marked me. Classmates, teachers, friends and family all have made so much of a difference in schooling and learning. I believe we all need that social support especially in pursuing a career so demanding as is ours. As a membership officer, I only hope to help contribute to that social support of each of our members to best empower them to succeed in their career in medicine.

Hannah Craig

Membership Officer

Hannah is a Junior from Spokane, Washington. studying Neuroscience. She is currently working in the Yorgason Lab assisting in understanding reward and reinforcement learning in drug induced neural environments. Hannah has extended experience in dermatology working as a histology technician at a clinic in Northern Idaho. Hannah has volunteered for The Red Cross for over a year as well as various community outreach projects centered on second generation Hispanic students. She works as a TA for Chem 107 and is passionate about mentorship. She is especially interested in BYU premedical students finding success through cooperation rather than just competition. In her free time she enjoys playing tennis and traveling the world.