The BYU Pre-Medical Society offers a variety of resources and opportunities so that you can become the most competitive applicant possible.


We are constantly trying to allow all BYU students to have different experiences in relation to internship opportunities. These can be found in all aspects of the scientific field.


We are here to help you find research opportunities. Our goal is to help every student have the opportunity to publish their own research. These can be mainly found on BYU campus.


We are excited to pair students with different opportunities with service. These can be on a broad and individual scale. Service is always strong point of focus for medical schools.

Patient Exposure

We help students find and utilize opportunities to gain patient exposure experiences. These can be found in several clinical settings.


We provide students with quality opportunities to lead. If we cannot provide you a leadership opportunity inside the club, we would love to help you find one.


We provide students with a quick and easy way to meet doctors to shadow. We try to streamline the process to get you directly in touch with the physician.

Additional Resources

Past Experiences

Read different journal entries from past students with their past experiences that we have helped. These can encourage you to reach out to our officers!

Personal Statements

Personal statements are a very important part of your application. Every applicants needs to stand out. Ask us about how we can help you with your personal statements.

Peer Mentoring

We hope to connect you with people who have gone through the same path. These mentors are here to help in any form.

Social Media

Follow our social media accounts to help you out in staying updated on club events.

We can help you with..

Weekly Encouragement 100%
Service 73%
Shadowing 92%
Research 60%

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