Shadowing is an important part of the pre-medicine journey – not only to bolster your med school application, but more importantly to get an inside look into life as a physician. You get to see what a doctor does on a daily basis as they interact with patients, communicate with their staff, and perform various procedures.
It can be daunting to reach out to physicians on your own, but the shadowing officers are here to help! We will help you get in contact with doctors in all types of medical specialties, and point you in the right direction for more shadowing opportunities.

Jansen Englebrecht

Shadowing Officer

Jansen is a Junior from Granite Bay, California. He is  studying Exercise Science and will graduate in April 2022. Currently he is working with the Chemistry department on a research project dealing with a genetic mutation. In his free time he enjoys playing Pickleball and softball. He also works as a Teaching Assistant for Chem 105 with Dr. Harper. He is always willing to help a fellow pre-Med so send him an email if you have any questions.

Kennedy Madrid

Shadowing Officer

Kennedy is a first-generation college student from Rancho Cucamonga, California. She is studying Neuroscience and Spanish and hopes to become a pediatric neurologist. She is currently a research assistant in Dr. Derin Cobia’s lab. . She is excited to be a part of the club and helping students find shadowing opportunities.

Matt Van Leeuwen

Shadowing Officer

I’m a junior studying Biostatistics with a minor in Spanish, and I have been an officer for the Pre-Med club for about a year. I have a lot of shadowing experience in many different specialties. In my free time, you can find me spending too much money dining out or binging a TV show with my wife.