Student Health Center Shadowing Form Submission

First of all, we want to impress upon you how lucky we are to have this opportunity. The Student Health Center (SHC) has been extremely gracious in letting us shadow them. There is a lot that can go wrong with students shadowing, and yet they are still willing to work with us. That being said, if you get the opportunity to shadow please be on your best behavior. This is a great opportunity and if we do it right we could be helping students just like you for years down the road.

Below is the paperwork the SHC needs you to fill out in order to be ready to shadow. Once you have filled out the paperwork, submit it below. Please include in your submission: 1) the completed BYU SHC Observation Shadowing Application, 2) all associated medical records, and 3) a single page personal biography introducing yourself to the physician you will be shadowing. If multiple people are in line for shadowing priority will be given to paid members and longest paid members will go first. At that point we will give you a little more information and send your information to the SHC. You will be matched with a physician and you and the physician will work out a schedule that works best for the two of you. For now please plan to shadow a SHC doctor for only ten hours in the one week you are allotted. 

SHC Form Submission

Please submit below.